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Property manager & Hoa Services in Orange County

We have several years’ experience working with Property Management Companies and Home Owners Associations (HOA’S) throughout Orange County.

We recently worked on a Project for The Irvine Company in Irvine, California installing over 5000 water heaters. 

We have experience with explaining what needs to be done in detail to property manager’s, owners of the properties, and speaking with the board of directors of HOA’s. 

We treat the tenants at the properties as our clients, as well as the management company and owner of the property. 

We have built up trust and confidence with our customers and have taken the pressure off of the property manager. 

We provide residents with fast, friendly and affordable plumbing services. 

Let Pro Finish Plumbing take the pressure off of you, we will call your customer to schedule the work, text them when we are on our way, let you know when the job is completed and will send you a complete description of the work done along with any recommendations we may have. 

Give us a call and let us help make you shine.  We are fully licensed, bonded, insured. A list of management companies and HOA’s are available upon request.

At Pro Finish Plumbing, we have a team of highly trained and experienced plumbers who will help you maintain control of your rental properties efficiently and effectively. We are experts at working in multi-unit properties.

Every time you call us, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time. We use the latest advanced technology to ensure we offer quality and reliable plumbing services for property managers and home owner associations (HOA’s).

Give us a call at (714) 396-0801 to schedule a service with one of our certified plumbers.



Why Property Managers & HOA’s need a Commercial Plumber

Significant profit loss can occur if a property manager or HOA is not in control or aware of the current status of their facilities. 

Unfortunately, if a plumbing emergency is not handled properly, then the property owner risks potential legal action from their residents.

It’s critical that regular inspections & maintenance be performed on the facilities. 

When you work with Pro Finish Plumbing, you will have the trust & confidence to know what your financial priorities are.

With our regular inspections & maintenance, we will communicate to you issues that are on the horizon. This will help you forecast and budget accordingly.

By working with us, you will know you have a trusted plumbing consultant, rather than attempting to reach whomever is available that day.

Our commercially licensed plumbers are prepared and ready to work on your multi-unit rental properties.



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